Lessons with our PGA Professional, Ben Mason, can be purchased by the half hour or hour in either our Full Swing or Putting Studio. With each lesson, you will receive an edited video of your lesson through the V1, iGolfStudio Branded Academy and detailed reports from the technologies used.

There are different lessons provided at iGolfStudio depending on your needs.

30 Minute Swing Check:-

For the golfer who requires a quick tune up or to refresh what the have learnt in a previous session. V1 Video Analysis and Flightscope Data is available in these sessions.

1 Hour Advanced Swing Session:-

For the golfer who wants to spend time perfecting the upgrades recommended.  Boditak Pressure Mat is available in these sessions as well asV1 Video Analysis and Flightscope Data.  

1 Hour MySwing 3D Session:- 

In this session a golfer will learn exactly how their body is moving during the golf swing using MySwing 3D technology. Real time Biofeedback can be used to help the golfer learn how to move correctly. 

1 Hour Basic Putting Session:-

In this session, using Quintic Ball Roll a golfer can learn where they aim the putter, where they strike the putter and how the ball is reacting to the collision with the club face. the necessary recommendations can be made to upgrade your putting performance.

2 Hour Advanced Putting Session:-

In this session a golfer will learn the same as the Basic Putting Session plus will look in to controlling speed and and spin of the golf ball as well as managing the variables involved in becoming a great putter.


Prices in our Swing Studio are:- 

£30 - 30 Minute Swing Check

£60 - 1 Hour Advanced Swing Session 

£60 - 1 Hour MySwing Session


Prices in ourPutting Studio are:-

£60 - 1 Hour Basic Putting Session 

£100 - 2 Hour Advanced Putting Session 

Blocks of lessons are also available at a discounted rate:-

  • £150.00 for 6 x half hour lessons
  • £300.00 for 6 x one-hour lessons