Privacy Policy

The iGolf Studio Privacy Policy,

At iGolfStudio, we understand and appreciate that your personal data is important to you. That’s why we have written this privacy policy to help ensure that you understand our position and what type of data we collect with you and how we use your data to improve our services to you.

This policy is active on our website. If you are unable to agree to our privacy policy, it may impact the services you receive from us as some vital information is required to ensure that our services effective as possible.

The Cliffnotes:
The personal data we store for you is protected using industry leading encryption standards, this includes Standard Socket Encryption to ensure the data that all the data you transmit via our website is protected.

Your payment information is handled and secured using a third-party portal, this aims to add an extra level of security to your private payment information.

Your personal information is not sold, traded or distributed for marketing and sales purposes, we will, however, contact you with regards to our products and services as part of our ongoing training services.

You are in complete control of your data, we will comply with any request for information in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation, please email [email protected] to action any data requests.

We sometimes send direct marketing to our clients, customers and community, this includes industry news and other tips and offers. We will only send these correspondences if you have previously provided consent for us to do so. You are able to remove yourself from any marketing correspondences by using the unsubscribe feature at the bottom of marketing correspondences.

Notice Concerning Young Users.
We do not screen users for their age entering our website, however, we do not market or direct materials to any users under the age of 18.

What Information Do We Hold?
We hold information that has been submitted by the user, both onsite and offsite; this includes names, address, date of birth, telephone numbers and email address. We also hold training and reporting data on statistics and session data to ensure we are able to deliver effective training and coaching.

We also hold information with regards to how you utilise our services, for example, what services you have purchased from us before and our recommendations for other services you may be interested in.

We hold additional information with regards to whether or not you wish to receive marketing communications from us.

We also hold information on how you accessed our website for audit and security purposes, this includes browser information, IP address, how that site was used and information about your device.

How Do We Use Your Information?
There are a number of ways we use your information both onsite and offsite, this data is used to ensure that we are able to keep a record of your progress, but also for auditing purposes.

We also utilise your data to ensure that we are able to fulfil our services to you. This may include data that allows us to contact you with details of your progress and may include purchasing and posting products or materials from our store, such as gift cards.

How do we not use your data.
We treat your personal information like our own, with the utmost care and attention, we will not sell, distribute, manipulate or trade share your data outside of iGolf Studio & Mia Sports Technology. We will not sell or market to you using your personal information unless specifically given consent but you.

Analytics & Site Monitoring
We collect data and information from browsers and devices to help us learn more about our customers and ultimately improve our user journey and overall site experience, this data includes IP address, device, location, browser and any other information submitted by the user’s device. We do not collect analytical data on our customers if the user has not submitted their consent to cookies.

Cookies play a vital role in making iGolf Studio as good as possible. Allowing us to remember your basket, account, details and tailor your experience accordingly, please read our full cookie policy here.

Our Security
We take multiple precautions to ensure that your data is secured, these include:

Limited, restricted access to systems and that hold personal data

Operate a “need to know” policy with regards to data, systems and information

If and when changes are made to our privacy policy, you will make effort ensure that you are notified through the store.