We are the only facility within a 50 mile radius which uses Quintic Ball Roll!  The software utilises a high-speed camera (up to 360 frames per second) tracking the golf ball for the first 16 inches (roughly 40cm) of the putt and the putter head, both pre and post impact. The software then automatically provides all of the information you need regarding the putter and ball, both graphically and numerically, in a way that was formerly only available in full swing analysis software for irons and woods. 

Quintic allows us to analyse exactly what message the putter is delivering to the golf ball, how it is doing it and how the golf ball is reacting to the message the putter is delivering to it. With this information we here at iGolfStudio are able to recommend adjustments to technique or recommendations on what putter would best suit a golfer.

"Quintic Ball Roll is quite simply the best coaching and fitting toll for putting. I wouldn't be without it"   iGolfStudio's Level 2 Qualified Quintic instructor Ben Mason

The Software Captures:

  • Impact Club Speed
  • Shaft Angle
  • Attack Angle
  • Face Angle & Face Rotation
  • Dynamic Lie
  • Impact Radio
  • Impact Ball Speed & Ball Speed during the first 16 inches of the putt
  • Launch Angle & Vertical Bounce
  • Skid, Backspin & Roll
  • Hook or Slice Side Spin
  • The point of Zero Skid / Time to Zero Skid
  • Push & Pull
  • The average of up to 21 putts including the range & standard deviation, for easy comparison of putters and putting technique