FlightScope® X2 elite with incredible new features and capabilities, the x2 elite possesses dramatically superior performance over any other launch monitor. The revolutionary new radar design and implementation delivers unprecedented accuracy. The new microwave component greatly enhances the units signal detection ability. With higher performance, increased signal clarity, and more consistency, the x2 elite provides advanced accuracy on every measurement and data parameter.

  • Next generation 3D Doppler tracking radar design: higher performance, increased signal-to-noise ratio resulting in even better consistency and unmatched accuracy on every measurement and data parameter. - Universal external camera mount: mount industry standard cameras for swing capture, equipment capture, and target view. 

  • Updated body style: new, more durable handle and automatic levelling feet and a sleek new cover. 

  • Enhanced battery technology: modern light weight, Li-Poly battery technology which gives a longer battery life, reduced charging time, and reduced overall system weight.

  • Built-in Wi-Fi boresight camera: a 5MP camera allows for digital target view wirelessly on your mobile devices, with video analysis available soon.

  • Increased portability: lighter overall weight and a new, wheeled transport case for improved mobility.